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 Mrs Kerry Thomas

Kerry Thomas started training in 2007 under Sensei Cooper when the Bricket Wood School of Shotokan Karate first opened. She also trains at the KSTSK sister club in Hatfield with the association’s Co-Chief Instructor, Sensei Patel. She achieved Shodan (first black belt) in October 2013 and Nidan (2nd in March 2016).

Kerry has been teaching karate within the Bricket Wood dojo since 2012 and started teaching the Kamaete Kubs (4-6 year olds) Monday class in September 2015 and took over the Friday Kubs in September 2016 when Katie Miller moved up to Yorkshire in the summer of 2016.

Prior to karate, Kerry had been a confirmed “couch potato” with no coordination, stamina or agility. With perseverance, these have been achieved through karate training along with numerous other benefits such as increased confidence, courage and concentration. As well as passing each belt grading: she has won gold, silver and bronze medals in both individual and team events at association tournaments, showing how rewarding karate can be.

Kerry’s 3 daughters also learn karate and they have found it to be a great bonding experience as a family.

Kerry is a qualified teacher (working in primary and secondary schools) and, prior to starting a family, had a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Training and Development Manager. This gives her the skills to work with people of all ages and understanding of individual learning styles to bring to her teaching in the dojo.

To anyone considering trying out karate Kerry says, “Give it a go, it’s never too late, you won’t regret it!”





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